Business Services

Business Services

Starting a business in Amory?

You’ll need to get your power turned on. How do you do that? 

First: Visit the Planning and Zoning Department at City Hall (behind Frisco Park) 109 South Front Street or call 662-256-3517 and choose option for Planning and Zoning.

Next: Planning and Zoning will make sure your business is zoned properly. GUESS WHAT? This is also where you get permits for signs for your new business! 

Next: You’ll get a Clearance Form (signed by the P&Z office) and you will walk across the hall to visit the City of Amory City Clerk’s office where  you will get a business license.  You’ll have to have a business license (state law) to get the form signed.

Next:  You will then take the signed form to the Amory Utilities Department located at the end of the next block (north). This is where you will get your temporary power or power if your business is ready to go!

Remember: To get your power turned on or changed, you must have a signed clearance form from the Planning and Zoning Department and City Clerk’s office.

To obtain a license for a business a person must first obtain a clearance form from the Planning & Zoning Office located in City Hall at 109 S Front Street. Call 662-256-3517 for more information.


  • Small Business Incentive Rider
  • Privilege License Application – Please visit the City of Amory City Clerk’s Office to get a business license. You must be an owner, co-owner, or officer in order to apply for a business. Please have the following information:
    • Number of full time employees
    • Name of business (legal and name known as)
    • Officers/Owners
    • Physical and Mailing Addresses
    • Do you have a vending or amusement machine? Do you own it? If not, who does?
  • Peddlers must comply with different rules as do Transient Vendors. Please call 662-256-5721 for information.
  • Are you a contractor? Contractors are defined as (but are not limited to) roofers, building contractors, mechanical contractors, heating and air conditioning, water and sewer (plumbers), and electricians.  If so, different rules may apply.
    • If you have a MS State Board of Contractors Certificate of Responsibility, bring it with you.
    • Do you have a business license from the city or county where your business is located? If so, please bring it with you.
    • Do you have proof that you passed the written exam? Please bring it with you.
  • Police Form for Privilege License pdf | doc
  • Want to have a Food Truck in Amory?? 1710 MOBILE_FOOD_VENDING
  • General Information For Working in Amory (06-01-2011)
  • Landlord-Tenant Relationship  Call Planning and Zoning/Building Inspector office for information at 662-256-3060
  • Special Event Permit Application
  • Additional Service Requirements Per City of Amory Electric Department pdf | doc
  • Historical Map
  • Historical Pamphlet