Helpful Handouts

This is page of helpful handouts to be used to educate our citizens on safety and fire hazards.

Cooking Safety Tips

Checklist for Cooking Safety

Cooking Safety Sheet

Make a Family Escape Plan

How to Make a Fire Escape Plan

Fire Checklist

Fire Quick Release Home Plan Sheet

Fire Safety Meeting Place

Fire Safety Planning and Practice

Make a Fire Safety Plan

Carbon Monoxide Safety

CO cartoon GTS_medium

Carbon Monoxide Safety

CO Talking Points

CO ToolKit

Smoke Alarm Safety


Alarms- What To Know

Alarms – Getting To Know Smoke Alarms

Alarms – Fact Sheet

Alarm Checklist

Electrical Fire Information

Electrical Safety Checklist

Electrical Fire Booklet

Be Fire Safe with Electricity

Tamper Resistant Electrical Receptacles

Hot Outlets

Electrical Fire Facts