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The City of Amory wants you to be safe whether enjoying a ballgame, playing at one of our playgrounds, enjoying the Northeast Mississippi Nature Trail, and/ or the Amory Frisco Park Splashpad. Always remember to hydrate, be weather aware, and use the below sun safety tips to prevent yourself from burning and protect yourself from sun related disease:



Lesson Plans for teachers and parents!


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The Frisco Park Interactive Splash Pad and Frisco Park Event area are both available to the public now! The splash pad is open and active from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. This will continue until the weather gets too cold. We will make an announcement prior to closing it for the Winter season or opening it for Summer season.  Here is the link to the FB place page:

Please keep the following rules in mind when visiting the park. These rules are subject to change.

Hours of Operation are 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Press the black activator button if no water is on!

  1. All persons using the pad do so at their own risk. No emergency personnel or lifeguard is on duty.
  2. All children under 12 must be under supervision at all times.
  3. Water-shoes are suggested.
  4. No running or rough play.
  5. Infants must wear swim diapers not regular diapers.
  6. Do not change diapers on the splash pad.
  7. Persons with open cuts or sores must have the covered with medical bandages that are water proof.
  8. No animals are allowed on the pad (except service animals).
  9. Do not track mud onto the pad.
  10. No glass containers, drinks, or food is allowed on the pad.
  11. Skateboards, roller blades, scooters, and bikes are not permitted on the pad.
  12. Do not use the pad during severe weather conditions. Seek shelter in the city provided community shelters.
  13. No electrical appliances within 5 feet of the pad.
  15. The splash pad may be closed at any time due to maintenance or other concerns.
  16. The splash pad will be closed during winter months to prevent damage to water pipes.
  17. Our splash pad provides an outdoor play environment. Please be aware of animals, plants, insects, weather, and sun protection for your family and take precautions as needed.
  18. All trash must be disposed of in the garbage cans provided by the city.
  19. No grilling or cooking of any sort may be done upon the pad.
  20. All participants must conduct themselves in a courteous, safe, and family orientated manner. This includes choice of clothing. It should be noted that inappropriate, loud, disruptive, or illegal activity will      not be tolerated.  These are City of Amory properties and the City of Amory reserves the right to have     its law enforcement officers, drug dogs, employees and/or representatives present at all times.
  21. No bathing, soap, shampoo, or external products are allowed.
  22. If you notice vandalism, please report it to the Amory Police Department located beside the Amory Fire Station. Call 662-256-2676.
  23. NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED WITHIN FRISCO PARK per city ordinance #1639.
  24. No alcohol beverages will be allowed on any City of Amory property.
  25. In the case of an emergency, call 911 and see the Amory Fire Department located adjacent to Frisco Park.
  26. At no time may any tool or device be used to penetrate the ground within Frisco Park.

If you want to reserve Frisco Park (fountain area not included), please call the City Clerk’s Office at (662) 256-5721 (Option 8).

Here are the rules and regulations for reserving the Frisco Park. Frisco Park Rental Policy

Click that link to learn what the rules and regulations are for reserving the park.


Want to learn more about our Frisco Park Interactive Fountain? Click here:


Frisco Fountain

Amory’s Frisco Park

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The City of Amory Parks & Recreation Department consists of ten different sites.

The first, Concord Complex, is located on Concord Drive directly across from East Amory Elementary School. It is spread over a nine-acre lot and consists of a large softball field, three baseball fields, two large soccer fields, and flag football fields during appropriate seasons. There is also a large parking area and free access to a public playground with large covered pavilion and picnic tables. This area can be reserved by phone call for birthday parties and occasions.

The Carlos Moore Field, located on Martin Luther King Drive, is used for baseball, softball, soccer, and flag football.

The third site is located in front of Amory High School (The Jaycee Ball Fields) and consists of two baseball and softball fields which are also used for t-ball and flag football. Also located on this site is a small playground and public Beach Volley Ball Court (Boulevard Play Park).

Directly in front of Amory High School is the Lawrence R. “Dickie” Palmer Tennis Complex. This complex recently received a major remodel as part of a USTA grant!

Located on the corner of Concord and Boulevard is the Gilmore SportsPlex. There is a large, shaded walking track, pavilion, playground, bathrooms, and softball and baseball fields with large parking convenience.

There are two community centers. East Amory Community Center, located on Crump Boulevard adjacent to the Amory High School Baseball Field and West Amory Community Center located on 111th Street across from West Amory Elementary School. Both of these facilities are available for rent upon reservation.

The City of Amory is also proud to present the Frisco Park Interactive Fountain and Park for citizens to enjoy!

The Livestock Horse Barn and Pavilion is also used by the public for events throughout the year.

. The Northeast Mississippi Nature and Interpretive Trail is complete and open to the public.

City of Amory – Northeast MS Nature and Interpretive Trail

Want to know about our areas of play and where they are located?

Scan this QR Code with your smart phone or click the link from your phone or computer:


This will give you a description and location map!

McAlpine Lake


  • Fishing allowed Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday during daylight hours.
  • Youth only fishing (15 years of age or younger).
  • Only one pole per youth is allowed.
  • No swimming in lake.
  • No cleaning fish in or around lake area.


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Parks & Recreation Contact

For more information about the Parks & Recreation Department, call (662) 256-3221 or email us at

Recreational Programs Offered

These are programs offered by our Park and Rec program. Please call or visit our social media pages for up to date registration dates and amounts. 

  • Flag football (adult and youth)
  • Fall Soccer
  • Spring Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • T-Ball
  • Senior Citizens Program

Registration Times

  • Baseball/Softball/T-Ball -Parents will be responsible for glove, bat, cleats or tennis shoes. The Park and Recreation will provide balls for the team and 5 batting helmets per team. If the parent wishes for his/her child to have their own batting helmet, they are responsible for that purchase.

Registration Forms

Click the following links to download and print the proper forms to deliver to the East Amory Community Center:



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