Vote for Frisco Park for Coca-Cola’s Take It To The Park


Being active is not only fun, it is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. And what better place to get out and moving this summer than in the park? That’s why Coca-Cola is asking you to Take It To The Park.

Nearly all of us could do more to get active and moving. So Coca-Cola is helping make this a little bit easier and a lot more fun with fitness-inspired events and activities taking place all summer. Coca-Cola is committing its resources and programs to ensure millions of people get moving in parks, on beaches, in gyms and recreation centers around the country this summer. And America Is Your Park is just one of the ways Coca-Cola is helping to improve the health of our communities.

This summer, there are many ways you can vote for your favorite park but it starts with getting active. You check-in on Foursquare while playing kickball with your family in the park, log your daily run on MapMyFitness or click to vote online.

The park with the most votes will win a $100,000 recreation grant from Coca-Cola and the title of “America’s Favorite Park.” Second- and third-place parks will win $50,000 and $25,000 grants, respectively. Another $15,000 grant will be awarded, at random, to a lucky park that comes in 4th to 25th on the leader board.

So get moving, vote daily, and Take It To The Park!

Here’s How

  1. Download and create a Foursquare ID/password for use. You can do this through the iTunes or Google Play stores.
  2. Download and create a MapMyFitness app login and password. You can find this at the iTunes and Google Play stores.
  3. Now, go to
  4. Register at the top right and create an id/password
  5. In the Park Name search box put only Frisco. Don’t put a city, zip, or state… then hit go/search
  6. Look for Frisco Park Amory, MS, and click Vote Now. This will give you one online vote.
  7. You will then see a box/button for Foursquare and Map My Fitness. It will give you the opportunity to vote using these. It does this by linking your accounts when you click the buttons. Do each one separately.
  8. Now when you go to your Foursquare and check in to Frisco Park Amory, MS we get 5 votes!! One time a day. These votes count 5, except on special days, they count 10.
  9. Now open you’re MapMyFitness app and record at least 20 minutes of exercise. This gives us 10 votes, except on special days, they count 20.

DO THIS EVERY DAY! You’ll be working out for yourself and working to make your city!



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