Finance/Accounting Office

The City of Amory City Clerk, Jamie E. Morgan, serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the City of Amory. The office of the City Clerk is staffed with the City Clerk and two full-time Deputy City Clerks. You may call the Office of the City Clerk for questions regarding Personal, Real, & Amory School District Property Taxes, Voting Registration, Business Licenses, Bid Submissions, Accounts Payable, Payroll and Human Resources, IT, copies of public records and ordinances, and much more.To see a full list of all responsibilities of the City Clerk and the office of the City Clerk, visit the City Clerk Officials page.


Jamie Earnest Morgan
City Clerk & Tax Collector
Chief Financial Officer/Certified Municipal Clerk-Collector/IT & Grant Administrator
City Clerk & Municipal Tax Collector


Tami Hester
Accounts Receivable Clerk 
Accounts Receivable/ Privilege License &
Tax Collector


Madison Williams
Deputy City Clerk
Accounts Payable/ Payroll & Human Resources Dept/
Administrative Assistant to City Clerk



To reach the Office of the City Clerk/Accounting Office you may email the city representative via email, phone, or fax.

Phone: 662-256-5721 (Option 8 at Prompts)
Alt Phone: 662-256-4548 (Option 8 at Prompts)
Fax: 662-256-6337

The Office of the City Clerk is located in Amory’s City Hall behind Frisco Park.

The physical address is:

109 South Front Street
Amory, MS 38821

The mailing address is:
PO Drawer 457
Amory, MS 38821

Contact the City Clerk

Jamie Earnest Morgan
662-256-5721 (Option 8)
662-256-4548 (Option 8)
Fax: 662-256-6337

P.O. Drawer 457, Amory, MS
109 South Front Street, Amory, MS
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

We observe all governmental holidays.


The position of City Clerk and Tax Collector is an appointive position in the City of Amory. The City Clerk serves as the Financial Officer and must work closely with all other elected officials of the City and with various department superintendents. Amory’s City Clerk also serves as City Tax Collector and, along with the office staff, is responsible for many of the functions of Amory’s government. Some of these functions are:

  • The collection of ad valorem taxes for properties within the City of Amory and properties within the Amory Municipal Separate School District. BEGINNING WITH THE 2016 TAXES, THE MONROE COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR WILL BE COLLECTING CITY OF AMORY TAXES (662) 369-6484
  • Business privilege licenses
  • Custodian of the official seal & custodian of all official
    records of the City
  • Official City election coordinator
  • Electrician and plumbers licenses and bonds
  • Voter registration
  • Recording and maintenance of all municipal minutes in which any and all proceedings and orders, ordinances, and judgments of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen are recorded
  • Responsible for maintaining and retention of permanent records in accordance with the State Public Records Act
  • Assisting the Mayor and Board in preparation of the City’s budget and tax levy (millage rate)
  • Publishing, updating, distributing, and recording all ordinances adopted by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen
  • Processing and payment of bills for various City departments
  • Processing and payment of payroll for all City departments
  • Management of personnel records and related events and documents
  • Balancing of bank statements, and preparation of financial documentation
  • Oversees all bid preperations and purchasing for all City Departments
  • Officiates all bid openings associated with City work
  • Oversees the daily deposits of the City and the issuance of business licenses


All Event Permits for runs, walks, events involving City of Amory streets and any rental or reservation of any park or facility is handled only through the City of Amory City Clerk’s office.

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